Aquamarine Bracelet - 24.99
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Aquamarine Bracelet - 24.99

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Aquamarine bead bracelet with 8 mm round beads on sea foam green silk thread with macrame clasp and tassels

Weight: 0.62 oz

Length: 7 3/4 inches and opens an additional 3 inches - adjusts to the size you want

Source: India

Aquamarine: (Naisha Ahsian) stone of courage and release; great aid in ‘letting go’; calming cooling energies; reduces stress; quiets the mind; harmonizing stone; soothes fear; protects against pollutants; invokes tolerance; overcomes judgmentalism; breaks old, self-defeating programs; sharpens intellect, intuition; opens clairvoyance; useful for closure; promotes self-expression; useful for sore throats, swollen glands, pituitary, thyroid; calms overreactions of the immune system; regulates hormones; aids eyes; opens and clears the throat chakra, facilitating communication and enhancing one’s ability to receive the energy behind the words of others. Helps to release the old to allow room to be made in your life and heart for those things that you wish to create. Chakra: Throat, Affirmation: “I release that which no longer serves, and accept Universal abundance.”

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