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Blue Fluorite Sphere - 32.97

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Blue (with some green) Fluorite sphere

Size: 1.28  cm radius (across)

Weight: 0.74 oz

Blue Fluorite: enhances creative, clear communication and orderly record keeping; calms or revitalizes as necessary; effective for eye, nose, ear and throat problems; amplifies healing potential by tightly focussing brain activity; assists communication with other worlds and can stimulate a spiritual awakening

(Robert Simmons) Blue Fluorite is good for the throat chakra, ensuring clear communication of one’s ideas.

(Naisha Ahsian) Blue Fluorite is especially good for opening the third eye and ensuring psychic clarity and accuracy.

Fluorite is an emotionally stabilizing stone that promotes mental and spiritual discipline and self-control.  It draws off negative energy and stress of all kinds and protects from inharmonious EMF.  Fluorite restores order, overcomes disorganization and assists balance and coordination. It provides psychic protection and gently brings the subconscious to surface for resolution.  Fluorite is an excellent aid to focus, learning, memory and clear thinking. It is a stone of walking your talk and will help one make necessary change in habits, thoughts and lifestyle.  It regenerates skin and mucous membranes and rekindles sexual libido.  Fluorite comes in all colours.  Each colour has a different specialization and chakra association.

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