Clear Quartz Vogel Mini - 16.99
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Clear Quartz Vogel Mini - 16.99

Regular price $16.99

Double-terminated Clear Quartz Vogel style mini wand with male and female ends - nice clarity

Average Weight: 0.2 oz

Average Size: 3.5 cm (Length)

Vogel Wands: Vogel wands have a very high and pure vibratory signature that is created by very precise shaping.  Vogels are double terminated wands cut from clear quartz to have indented facets at precisely determined angles down the body and on both terminations.  The power and properties of Vogels vary according to the number of facet they possess.  Precision cut, true Vogel wands are extremely expensive. The fatter end with the shorter termination is female and draws in pranic energy, which is amplified through the facets.  The longer terminated, thinner end is male and transmits energy out in a strongly focused laser-like beam.  Vogels make effective tools for connecting chakras, etheric surgery, removing negativity and entity attachments.  They detect and clear energy blockages and bring cohesion to energy fields within and around the body.  Vogels need to be programmed and used in a very precise manner and are not recommended for use without appropriate training.  

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