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Lemurian Soul Window Aperture Seed Crystal - 29.97

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Lemurian Seed Crystal

Size: 3.4 x 2.8 x 1.4 cm

Weight: 0.42 oz

Window Crystals (also called Soul Windows): Window crystals have a diamond-shaped face that interfaces with the facets of the point of a crystal.  This diamond face is called a soul window.  The window becomes the 7th face of the crystal and connects to the apex and the base.  Gazing into a diamond window can take you deeply into your own soul. They are excellent mirrors of the true self, forcing honesty and breaking down facades to reveal both the light and the dark.  They possess a unique quality of being able to show us our potential as loving beings. Soul Windows teach unconditional love and help to bring balance to the physical and spiritual worlds.  They are very personal crystals and should only be used by one person at a time. They make excellent meditation partners showing us the source of disease and issues that need to be worked on.

Gateway (Aperture) Crystal: (Judy Hall) A gateway or aperture Crystal has a cup-shaped depression within it that is large enough to hold a liquid.  Gazing into the liquid centre provides a gateway to other worlds and enables one to travel through past, present and future.  It is an excellent stone for preparing a gem elixir that aids spiritual vision and psychic faculties.

Key (Aperture) Crystal: (Judy Hall) A key Crystal has an aperture or indentation in one of its sides, which narrows as it penetrates the Crystal. This indentation is usually, but not necessarily, 3-sided  or 6-sided.  It provides a doorway to unlock parts of the self that are normally kept hidden or to access hidden information of any kind.  Meditating with one of these Crystals reveals what is being hidden from you, especially from your subconscious mind, sweeping away illusion. It is an excellent tool for letting go of anything that holds the soul back and for tie cutting.

Lemurian Seed Crystals: (Judy Hall) Lemurian Seed instigate a profound vibrational shift in the Earth and everything upon it.  Lemurians were discovered lying loose in a bed of sand, rather than being attached to a matrix as Crystals usually are.  Originally found in Brazil, they now have manifested elsewhere in the world.  Crystal lore says a Lemurian civilization left them, encoded with the vibrational information required to open a New Age on Earth at the present time.  A symbol of equality and personal power, Lemurians teach that we are multi-dimensional and inter-dimensional beings.  By piercing our illusion of separateness from the rest of the cosmos and dissolving the boundaries of time, these Crystals help you to rectify personal misuse of power in the past and remove karmic debris so you can regain inner perfection.  Lemurians open a portal that brings ancient wisdom – personal, collective, and cosmic – back into conscious awareness.  They demonstrate that time is an illusion of the material plane, and take you into the multi-dimensions of being.  Lemurians activate the higher resonance of each chakra.  However they also alert you to the dangers of spiritual egoism.  They warn against feeling spiritually superior and arrogantly telling people what to do.  Instead, they encourage you to simply be in each moment and attend to your own evolution.  These powerful healing Crystals work at multi-dimensional levels to remove all that is dis-eased or blocked within the physical and subtle energy bodies, chakras, and meridians.  By attuning the central channel that connects the chakras, they draw subtle Earth energies up from the Earth star and bring cosmic energy down through the crown chakra to unite at the heart, opening inter-dimensional consciousness within the body.  Lemurians realign the physical and subtle bodies and attune neural pathways to higher frequencies.  Lemurians teach that healing is a re-membering of your soul.  Everyone must personally attend to dissolving the destructive emotional patterns, energy blockages, and mental beliefs that prevent an infusion of light into the physical level of being.  Lemurians demonstrate that we cocreate our own realities with every thought, word and deed.  They teach you to become creative in the higher dimensions, not merely by holding positive thoughts in the outer world, but by taking this way of being deep into inner awareness.  With this Crystal, you explore the whole range of consciousness, so you know what it is to be a truly awakened soul.  Gently stroke Lemurian’s horizontal striations from bottom to top to read the Lemurian or Atlantean past.  Or, ascend them like a ladder to expanded consciousness.

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