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Aegirine Crystal Natural - 29.99

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Beautiful, glossy naturally terminated Aegirine Crystal from Africa

Size: 3.6 x 1 x 1 cm

Weight: 0.33

Aegirine: (Robert Simmons) Aegirine Crystals are wonderful tools for removing negative or stuck energies from all levels of the subtle bodies, and for activating the positive flow that should be there.  They are excellent protection, and they help one to find the courage to shine one’s inner Light, even in dark and negative places.  These are stones of confidence and strength, carrying knowledge that Light has nothing to fear from darkness, but that Light is indeed the healer of darkness.  There are few stones as effective as Aegirine for breaking the attachment of negative entities to one’s etheric body.  Such attachments are not normal for energetically healthy and balanced individuals, but anyone can become vulnerable in moments of strong fear or anger.  Negative attachments can also take root if one makes holes in the aura’s protective field through abuse of alcohol, drugs or smoking cigarettes (though the effect is more gradual for smokers).  Carrying or wearing Aegirine can be an effective stopgap measure for forcing the release of these vampiric energies. Working with Aegirine in layouts and for longer periods of time can in time regenerate the damaged protective auric shield.  Aegirine combines very well with Moldavite, which enhances its power to banish negative entities.  It is effective in the treatment of electrical imbalances in the body and nervous system, and can be used as a protective shield against any type of radiation – physical, emotional or energetic.  Aegirine can also be used as an assistant in the awakening of kundalini energy and can help stabilize one’s energy field as one moves through kundalini activation.  It is excellent in helping to ‘set’ energetic attunements or new energetic patterns in the aura.  It assists one in seeing the Light when one has become depressed, hopeless, unhappy, or otherwise aligned one’s thoughts with negative energies.  It can help one to identify one’s negative thoughts and attitudes, and to shift those energies to more positive expressions.  It carries the energies of enlightened action, karmic understanding and spiritual commitment.  It can assist in the evolution of negative emotional patterns such as blame, shame, guilt, worthlessness and self-pity.  It can be very helpful for those who are breaking addictive habits because of its ability to help reveal the emotional roots of that behavior.  When one becomes resonant with Aegirine’s energy, there is a heightened awareness of one’s own issues and karma around power use.  Once this information has been processed and integrated, Aegirine’s energies will stimulate experiences that assist one in reclaiming one’s power and receiving guidance for that power’s proper applications.  Aegirine works with the liver, spleen and gallbladder.  It assists the body in processing and eliminating toxins on physical and energetic levels.  It accelerates the electrical systems of the body, stimulating the chakras and exciting the energy field.  It is an excellent stone to use in support of general physical energy and stamina, and is very helpful for those recovering from illness or injury.  It is excellent for use by nurses. Doctors or others who are exposed to the toxic energies of traditional hospital environments. auric field, and infusing it with high-vibration spiritual energies.  Aegirine is one of the minerals that makes up Nebula Stone, so it works very well with that too.

(Naisha Ahsian) Aegirine has the ability to clear the aura, draw a wide range of Light frequencies into the the human energy systems and protect one from energetic disease and imbalance caused by radiation sources such as ELF (extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves), man-made electromagnetic fields from computers and electronics, and from other natural and artificial sources. Affirmation: “I clear my energies of all disharmony and negative influences and move strongly into my wholeness.”

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