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Alexandrite Natural - 219.00

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Rare, genuine Alexandrite Crystal from Brazil. This Crystal is all natural, not treated.

Size: 2.5 x 1.7 x 0.9 cm

Weight: 0.25 oz

Alexandrite: (Robert Simmons) Alexandrite is one of the world’s rarest gemstones, and the finest specimens are more costly than diamonds. Alexandrite is a stone of good fortune that carries a very joyful vibration and is a powerful agent of inner transformation and spiritual evolvement. It embodies both the heart energy and the higher mind energy. These stones have a vibrational connection to source and the higher dimensions, where the atmosphere is most rapturous. Alexandrite’s window the ecstasies of the higher realms can and should be the springboard to inner exploration.  He’s a tool to offer one a quest into the Self. It can help one to understand that the joy of the celestial realms is also simultaneously here at every moment, and one’s reality depends to a great extent upon the levels at which one chooses to receive. They teach us to take in all energies that come to us, transmitting them into beauty and harmony with the inner resilience of a commitment to joy. This commitment, with the assistance of Alexandrite’s vibrational connection to higher realms, makes us into sources, rather than mere receivers of joy.

(Naisha Ahsian) Alexandrite is a stone of high wisdom and heart energy. It facilitates one in moving through grief or self-pity and enables one to perceive one’s own point of power in the moment. It is excellent for those who procrastinate and are unable to take action due to fear. Alexandrite opens the heart chakra and the third eye, assisting one in perceiving and understanding the wisdom hidden within difficult emotional experiences. It lends a sense of hope in the even the darkest of times and can aid one in finding the path to the Light when all seems lost. Alexandrite is a stone of joy, stimulating one’s recognition of abundance on all levels. It can be used to attract wealth and to assist in manifesting the heart’s desires and dreams. The energy of Alexandrtie can assist one in shifting circumstances and emotions to more accurately reflect Spirit on the Earth plane. Alexandrites brings a frequency of joy that is related to the experience of revelation.  It is a powerful stone for stimulationg the intuitive and psychic senses, at the same time opening the heart to Divine Love. Alexandrite is a powerful stone to use for connecting with the divine Mind. Within this state of connection, it is as if you are speaking to a loving parent, who will answer questions and reveal knowledge to you in a way that reflects a deep understanding of your experiences. When you are resonant with the energy of the Divine Mind, you are able to speak from a heart-centered place of higher knowledge. This facilitates communication, teaching, and channeling or psychic counseling work. Alexandrite facilitates accessing the Akashic Records and can assist one in perceiving alternate and past-life experiences that are relevant to current situations. It is closely related to both ancient Egyptian and Atlantean energies and can assist those who were once priests of priestesses in recovering ancient sacred knowledge. Alexandrite stimulates the pineal and pituitary glands and opens the crown through heart chakras. It stimulates the brain and assists in balancing brain function. Alexandrite’s properties are mainly spiritual, though it can be used to help one relax in order to support physical healing. It is an excellent stone to use with those who are fearful of the healing process, as it allows them to relax and become more receptive to the experience. It is a good stone to use with those who are preparing for surgery or other invasive processes. Affirmation: I embrace with joy, the totality of life.

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