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Orgone Pyramid - Amazonite, Clear Quartz Point 39.99

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Base: 2.5"

May vary slightly from what is shown. 

Orgone Generators or Orgonites: Orgone Generators are devices that attract, transmute and purify energy. Orgone Generators or Orgonites are electromagnetic devices that emit orgone. Other words for orgone are life force, mana, prana or chi. The basic energetic principle involves layering organic and inorganic materials. The two energies are organic and inorganic and they repel each other and there is nowhere for them to go because the metal continually vibrates, essentially creating a vortex. The shape of the mold will change the shape and size of the vortex. 

Modern-day orgonites apply this principle by setting metals and Crystals in polyester resin. Typically a fiberglass-based resin is poured into a mold with Quartz Crystals, metal shavings and other natural materials which provide beneficial energy, such as stones, wood, copper coils, metal leaf, etc.

The Crystals are piezo-electric; the pressure created by the resin provides when it cures, squeezes the piezo-electricity out of the Crystals. This energy pushes up against the energy of the metal. The energy spins, pulling in positive ions and transmuting them into negative ions. Electromagnetic smog is mostly comprised of positive ions. Orgone generators clean up electromagnetic pollution and transmute negative energies. They will clear any space where you place them. There are many kinds of Orgone Generators. They can be worn, placed in homes or near cell towers, power plants, etc.

The word orgonite is a trademarked name invented by Karl Hans Welz that has become popular to refer to Orgone Generators. The original technology for Orgone Generators comes from Wilhelm Reich.

Amazonite: Amazonite is a stone of harmony, peace and resolution. It is a wonderful stone for easing stress and relationship conflicts of any kind, even conflict within. Amazonite is known as a stone of personal truth that can bring clarity, insights and discernment about oneself. It helps bring repressed needs into one’s awareness and then helps to vocalize them. Amazonite syncs the heart and the throat chakras so that one can speak from the heart. It is definitely a “be yourself” stone that allows one to speak freely without worrying about judgments from others. Amazonite is also a great filtering stone. It filters thought with intuition, and it filters electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress from one’s environment. Like many of the other light blue stones, it soothes the nervous system and aids the body in recovering from illness or trauma, especially when the physical condition is caused by excessive stress or repression of emotional needs. Amazonite is a stone of personal fulfilment. Amazonite sentences begin with “I need …” Amazonite can heal the throat chakra, the nervous system, the thyroid, the adrenals and bones.


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