Angel D'Aoust


Angel D’Aoust has a holistic approach to healing and wellness. She is certified in several energy healing modalities, is a Reiki Master/Teacher, a Crystal Shamanism practitioner as well as a Biomagnetism practitioner.

Angel has a multidisciplinary and non-traditional approach to spiritual unfolding which she has acquired through her training, certifications, self-study, intuition, and life experience. She has the unique ability to bridge the gap between spirituality and everyday life, specializing in creating self-awareness, personal empowerment, and self-healing. Being able to perceive energy frequency means that each session is tailored to what is required in the present moment, helping you to re-connect to your essence and joy.

Everyone has their own unique vibration and innate abilities waiting to blossom, as such, each and every person has something invaluable to share.