Basic Healing Session

A basic healing session begins with some discussion of the reason for your visit. Typically this involves health, life purpose, life challenges and emotional and mental issues.

The first part of the session may involve feather work, smudging with various plant medicines (unless you are sensitive to scents/smoke) and the laying on of stones (healing with Crystals).

 I will clean and repair your chakras as necessary and work to restore energetic flow within the meridians. I will also look for energetic intrusions or attachments within your energetic field and remove/heal them as necessary.

I may use my breath, imaging and engage in shamanic states as I work. All of the above will help you to release physical and energetic tension from your body and aura. You will begin to feel lighter and relax deeply.

By this time, you are usually ready to go on a shamanic journey. We do this to discover what subconscious beliefs you may have that are creating a particular condition or issue in your life. The journey will take you to the place and time when something happened in your past that is the source of the belief. You will understand how this event remains imprinted on your body, emotions and psyche, and how these imprints have been taking your life in unwanted directions. It is common for these journeys to go back into one's youth, childhood, infancy, the womb or even into past-lives. We always go to the source to heal the very beginning of the imbalance

Your healing may involve compassionate removal of entities, healing of sorcery, or karma and retrieving parts of your soul.