The word entity is used in shamanism to describe a mass of etheric energy that is conscious – most commonly a disembodied spirit or astral fragment of a once living person that has remained Earth-bound and is attached to a person, animal or place.

When this happens it is both unfortunate for the disincarnate spirit and its host. The spirit remains bound on the Earth plane, unable to continue it's soul progression, and the host suffers the effect of being parasitized. Because entities lack a body from which to source life force energy, they must take it from their host. Entities typically leave people feeling tired, cold and irritable. Eventually entities begin to have a negative effect on the health of their host.

Entities not only drain people of life force energy, they can also influence their moods, behaviors, willpower and beliefs. Entities often play a significant role in a person's negative behaviors, especially addictions. It can be very difficult to heal when entities are present since they affect every aspect of our consciousness. Imagine how difficult it would be for an alcoholic to stop drinking if they are host to an entity attachment that is constantly craving alcohol?

Any entity can be easily extracted by someone who is trained to do so. I always approach entities with the same gentleness, respect and compassion I show my clients. We are all equal in the eyes of Creator and we all deserve help.