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 An ICU Session: What We Never Learned in School

ICU sessions are experiential.  All sessions allow children or adults to experience their life force energy in a way that is tangible to them.

Children learn to activate their energy (life-force, prana, chi, mana) and utilize it to cleanse their energetic fields of heavy energies and emotions.  They also learn how to strengthen their mind and energetic field to help them maintain emotional balance. These activities are part of every session.

The energetic activation and purification activites are followed by guided meditations that allow the child to connect to their inner essence or Light.  They learn how to project this Light beyond the parameters of their physical bodies.  This is how they begin to see without the use of their eyes.  Scientific research is now confirming that people have sensors in their skin that can allow them to see through their skin without the use of their eyes.  Many of the children see through their fingers, ears or abdomen.  Seeing in this way seems to remove limitations placed on traditional eyesight.  Children are able to see in 360 degrees and often beyond that.

Every ICU session includes healing for the child.

Children practice reading increasingly more complex material over the course of the 10 sessions and are given opportunities to draw, put together jigsaw puzzles, and play physical and computer games, all while completely blindfolded!  In later sessions physical play is also encouraged in games like "Follow the Leader" or "Catch".

Watching a person see and read without the use of their physical eyes is an absolutely amazing phenomenon to behold.  Imagine what it's like for the children who do it?  It changes anyone who experiences it whether doing or observing.  You can never go back to the old belief system that you are small and physical and weak, because you KNOW that it’s not true.

When the child begins to “see” and read for the first time without the use of their physical eyes, it initiates a massive shift of energy in the room as the child’s consciousness takes a quantum leap in expansion.  It is quite unlike anything I have felt before in all my years as a healer or student of spirituality.  It's a feeling I can only describe as JOY as the child makes a quantum leap in consciousness.  Everything changes for them in that moment.  I believe it is because they are accessesing the power of their soul.  It’s something no one can ever take away from them and they know it!

When I first learned about the so-called “super psychic children” in Russia, Mexico and China, who could perform such feats, I thought, wow – super psychic … Now I understand that all children can do it.  It’s not a matter of being super-psychic.  All children can do it and it is the divine birthrite of all human beings.  Given the opportunity, anyone can do it.  It's simply that no one has encouraged or guided us.

Children and adults who complete the ICU program generally experience improvement in ability to concentrate, retain information, listen, focus, maintain emotionally stability.  The results are wonderful for anyone but especially helpful to children who are faced with social challenges, broken homes, poor grades, children who are extra-sensitive and gifted, children who are bullied, and any child who lacks self-esteem and confidence.

Learning how to cleanse the energetic field and to balance emotions are just a couple of skills ICU teaches that can benefit a person for life.   ICU is a different kind of schooling – it is much more than brain or psychic development.  ICU empowers people at the level of the soul, helping them to break free of limiting patterns, situations and beliefs.  It frees up a person's Divine potential, often initiating sudden blossoming in children and adults and positive evolution for their families and entire communities. 


  • There are 10 Sessions in total in the ICU Development Series. It is recommended that children and adults complete 1 session per week for a period of 10 weeks. It is possible to miss a week and resume as schedules and family commitments permit.
  • Each session includes consultation with parent(s). It is essential that the parent(s) be involved in the child’s sessions and homework.
  • It is recommended that children or adults complete all 10 sessions in order to receive the full benefit of the work.

If you would like to hear what my clients have to say about ICU, please visit the Testimonials page of this website. 


    • Single Session: $100 + HST
    • Session # 1 & 2: $100 each + HST
    • Sessions 3-10: $50 each + HST
    • Mindfold Mask: $25.00 + HST
    • Practitioner Training: $1500 + HST