Monika Tinneberg ~ Body Work for Women


Monika offers a variety of services (details below) for women to address numerous physical issues such as:

  • pain
  • surgery
  • cancer
  • mastectomy
  • scars
  • edema
  • swelling
  • carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain
  • tennis elbow
  • incontinence
  • joint compaction
  • injuries
  • neck problems
  • back pain
  • sciatica
  • shoulder issues


$85.00 for 1 hour
$125.00 for 1.5 hours

$150.00 for 2 hours


email: phone: 613-857-7031
Offices in Stittsville & Carleton Place


MYOFASCIAL RELEASE THEREAPY: Gives your body the chance to eliminate its restrictions and movement inhibitors.  This is a simple and gentle approach using long duration sequences of specific moves to target areas we often feel have no HOPE of ever getting better.  For injuries, decreased mobility, scar tissue, repetitive strain, decompress joints, spine & neck, restore your ability to move.

The therapy is aimed at avoiding triggering your body's defensive system to resist.  Most therapies do and the result is that it hurts too much, it doesn't help much, or it is too fast.  If I do not trigger the body's defensive system then your body can release impact in an unprecedented way.

LYMPHATIC DRAINAGE THERAPY: To ease the pain and suffering when a mastectomy or lumpectomy start causing swelling or edema. In fact, in 1-5 years, swelling can develop because the scars and node removal impede your bodies natural drainage patterns. I can help by breaking down the scars and repatterning your bodies lymphatic drainage. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO LIVE WITH THIS CONDITION OR THE PAIN AND DEBILITIY IT CAUSES. And we can do something about the immobility in you arm (or arms) too! Effective for cellulite treatments, pain & swelling due to injury or surgery, ie. plastic surgery, PMS pain & discomfort, fibrocsystic (lumpy) breasts.

SPECIALTY SCAR, BREAST AND PELVIC WORK: EVERY scar we have needs to be assessed and possibly released so that when it grows adhesions, these do not grow onto surrounding areas that cause problems. Like squeezing your bladder and causing bladder issues (can't hold it very long, can't cough or laugh without dribbling, etc...) Or causing lower back pain, menstrual pain, abdominal pain (I have kept a number of clients with colostomies from getting repeated surgery due to bowel obstruction from scar tissue).

Painful, fibrocystic or lumpy breasts are more than just inconvenient. This signals that an area in your body of MAJOR lymphatic flow has blockages and this can possbily lead to cellular changes over time. That could mean Cancer. We can reduce the soreness associated with your cycle, make your breast tissue more supple and healthy. The post treatment feeling of having a weight lifted off your shoulders is simply amazing.

REFLEXOLOGY: With a firm grasp, being ticklish is no problem. People are ALWAYS amazed at how incredible reflexology feels.  Because all of our body's myriad of reflex points are located in the feet (also the hands, ears and scalp) you can actually feel like you had an entire body workout just by having your feet properly worked on.  I also use a technique called "LOCKE", which is directed at the spine section of the feet.  This technique, when done with full force, can change the spine. I do not practice it in this way.  I do a gentler version as tears are not something that I try to illicit in my clients.

CHINESE STYLE MASSAGE: This type of bodywork is aimed at relaxing major muscle groups, especially the larger ones, without causing undue pain. There is a lot of friction and counter motions employed as well as rolling of muscles. At the risk of sounding contradictory, it is vigorous while relaxing, in part because the tension in those muscles is effectively released. For those who feel that bodywork leaves them wondering if someone actually worked with their musculature, the buck stops here. Trying is believing.  This work is deep tissue, although it can be tailored to what your body tolerates and needs.  One thing is for certain, you will feel as though you had work done.

INTUITIVE WORK: I have chosen to use the word "intuitive" to describe a part of what I do.  For me, this word taken into account my many years of experience and perhaps that is what creates this intuition.  I am able to feel nuances in your tissue as it responds to what I am doing and can therefore gauge when to apply further pressure, when to move on, when to return and try again.  This often seems marvelous and magical to people, as I do not barge into your body and try to fight with it and make it do something I feel it ought to.

There is nothing mysterious to this, even though the word intuition can imply just that.  Rather, years of listening to bodies, tuning in, and feeling tisuue response to my touch have taught me to respect and to tread lightly (while still being able to do deep tissue work) on each and every body that ends up on my table.  It is about being able to be present, grounded and focused on you, the whole person.  For me, this actually does become nigh onto magical because I have learned many modalities to help ease body discomfort, only to be able to forget them all and just go with the flow as I tune into your body intelligence and allow it to speak to me.  Goddess but I do love this work!!

PREVENTION: A wonderful adage that fits almost any situation, but here I am talking about injury prevention and maintenance work.

Injury prevention happens when we keep our body loose, stretched and able to respond to pressure and load.  That turn and twist, that deep bend, that heavy lift, that inadvertant lunge to stop yourself or another from falling, that slip on the ice, or that fall.  These types of movements, and many others, often find our body reacting by spasming, by hurting, by blowing out a joint, by strains and sprains.

The reason that regular bodywork will help to prevent these sudden and painful injuries is because when our tissue has enough length in it, it is able to meet the demands of sudden situations and even everyday loads.  We keep our tissues long and lengthened by stretching, getting exercise, and by getting all types of bodywork aimed at eliminating the stress that accumulates in our muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves, causing them to contract.  When the proper relaxation factor is present in our body, these contractions can be automatically eliminated, but when stressors pile up and continue, as is the way of our current society, then those contracting tissues never have a chance to relax and the next big demand causes too much contraction and it snaps.  the rest of the story we all know: months of rehab, physio, pain, sleeplessness, pharmaceuticals, time off work and other good stuff.  The road back is always long and painful, while the road of prevention and maintenance is usually pleasant and uneventful.

The reason we don't do our prevention or maintenance is because we are all concerned only with cause and effect.  If it hurts I seek attention or help.  If it does not, why ever should I bother?  When we understand the reason and benefits of regular prevention and maintenance, then we will be more likely to participate in it.  Seasonal changes bring different body loads and we need to be prepared.  Remember last winter when you slipped, fell, shoveled too much?  Yep, you got it - if you do some of the regular preventative bodywork, your body is able to respond more easily to these sudden loads and not give you a painful story to try and correct after the fact.

If we do our prevention and maintenance, it really is a win/win.  The treatments are pleasant, we are not in pain and it becomes a special relaxation present to ourselves.  There are not multiple intervention sessions to try to fit into busy schedules.  Did I mention you are not in pain?  Something to think aobut eh?