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Agrellite Natural - 29.98

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Rare Agrellite Crystal from Kipawa, Canada

Size: 6.1 x 2.2 x 1.1 cm

Weight: 0.53 oz

Agrellite: ( Liz Oakes) Agrellite helps prevent writers block and to develop psychic gifts.

Agrellite helps sooth anger and lift moods to a calmer, more peaceful state. Agrellite also has a good energy to help those who habitually feel angry, moody or temperamental. 

Wearing a piece on the body, or keeping it in a room where you spend most of your time, might help to soothe you. It may help you to feel more serene and relaxed, and may help your communication to be calmer and less aggressive.

Agrellite also strengthens connection in relationships and releases the need to be the dominant partner. They may particularly help you if you have felt the need to control both the people and circumstances of your life. This stone's energy will also help you if you feel emotionally smothered by another and would like to break free and be more self-reliant and stand on your own two feet. Often in relationships there can be a tug of war between the parties, with both wanting to rule the roost and sometimes both feeling dependent on each other... known as co-dependence. Having this crystal in the vicinity of where you both spend time may assist you both to let go of the need to be master of the home and greater harmony and accord between you.

Agrellite can help you to discover hidden blocks to spiritual growth, and will also help your partner to let go of the need to dominate you. Agrellite is a personal healing crystals that are also beneficial for healers to use to aid diagnosis. They can provide feedback to the healer, helping them become more aware of energy blockages in their clients.

Agrellite is a rare mineral named after the mineralogist Professor Stuart Olaf Agrell. Deposits of this mineral are most commonly found in the Kipawa complex in Canada, and less commonly in Russia and the USA. It is found in course fibrous masses and may occur with deposits of Eudialyte, Nepheline, Aegirine, Fluorite, Quartz, Zircon and occasionally other minerals. It has a pearly luster that fluoresces bright pink under ultraviolet light. The color of this mineral is commonly pearly white, grayish brown or greenish white.

The vibration of these stones may help to reinforce healing of the immune system, aid swelling and infections, assist bruises to heal more quickly.  They may help to ameliorate the effects of chemotherapy. If health issues are caused by blockages in the energy flow of the body, you may find that it is helpful to place one of these stones on the area effected by the blockage.

Agrellite is good for self-healing both physically and spiritually, helping release anything that has been repressing your true self and holding back future growth. Agrellite is an Aquarius birthstone that resonates with the third eye and throat chakra to boost psychic communication with spirit beings.

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