Angel Aura Amethyst - 75.00
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Angel Aura Amethyst - 75.00

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Weight: 4.4 

Length: 11.1 cm 

Angel Aura: Angel Aura is also called Opal Aura.  It is made by electro bonding the surface of Quartz with vaporized platinum, sliver and other trace minerals.  Angel Aura connects to the angelic realms and helps individuals connect to their angel guides and to communicate with other loving higher-dimensional beings. Its energy is uplifting and inspiring.  It can lift apathy and instil optimism, light and joy.  Angel Aura brings insights into one’s spiritual reasons for incarnating into this life.  It’s a great stone for channelling higher knowledge and remembering past-lives.  Angel Aura can helps to purify the spirit, release stress and enter states of deep peace.  Angel Aura is said to clear chakras, cut energetic cords, release vows, contracts and agreements as well as clear entities and astral parasites.  It is generally a stone of serenity, peace and deeper states of consciousness.

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