Aquamarine Pendant - 38.99
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Aquamarine Pendant - 38.99

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Teardrop-shaped polished Aquamarine stone with silver bale.

Weight: 0.2 oz

Dimensions: Length (including clasp) 1.5", Width 1"

Silver bale

Beautiful colour

AquamarineCopyright © Karen Osborne, 2013 - Courage; Letting Go; Tolerance; Freedom

This beautiful blue member of the Beryl family can be of great help in overcoming judgment. It can help one to stop judging even in the most subtle of ways. I know how freeing it can be to release the need to judge and I believe that it is judgment, along with fear and karma that holds us back most in life.

Letting go of judgment takes courage, which is another attribute of Aquamarine. It takes courage to let go of judgment because what we are really letting go of is, the need to be right. Moving beyond ‘right and wrong’ means death for the ego and liberation for the heart. Courage is required because the process involves moving beyond your current identity or, what is known about yourself and what you believe.

When we stand in judgment we are standing on most unstable ground. Judgment creates division and weakness as it reinforces the illusion of separation. What really matters is that we find a way to be true to ourselves that does not involve judging. This way we respect the differences in others while at the same time earning our own self-respect. Judgment is simply a distraction and it deters us from expressing the true essence of who we are. Aquamarine can help us with that too. It encourages self-expression, clear communication. Aquamarine is also one of the stones that facilitate hearing the whispers of Spirit when they come through. It encourages us to trust our intuition so that we may act on it.

Known as a stone of ‘letting go,’ Aquamarine is a great aid to releasing emotional patterns, behaviors, and beliefs that are not serving to improve the quality of our lives. It is particularly helpful with getting free of the notion that we are un-deserving. How can we manifest health, financial freedom and fulfilling relationships and careers if we somehow feel we are not worth it? This is often an underlying core belief that prevents us from finding tolerance for ourselves and for others (there’s the judgment thing again). When we do, we liberate space in our hearts to create a life of beauty and truth.

Aquamarine helps us to let go of the old and to find closure with the past. It radiates calming, cooling energies. It cleanses us of the need for conflict and drama and can even quiet over-reactions of the nervous and immune systems. It’s one of the best stones for releasing anger and stress. It is a great aid to the throat and throat chakra as well as the eyes, skin, the pituitary and thyroid.

I like to pair Aquamarine paired with Sunstone and Kunzite ~ Sunstone for it’s optimism and leadership qualities, and Kunzite for frequencies of Divine love and compassion.

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