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Aquamarine Watermelon Tourmaline -1,987.00

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Extremely rare, huge and beautiful brain shape Aquamarine Crystal in layered formation - chock a block full of Watermelon Tourmaline, Lepidolite and some Quartz - from Brazil

Size: approximately 12 x 8 x 8 inches

Weight: unknown - is easily lifted by one person


Aquamarine: (Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons) Aquamarine is a stone of courage, release and ‘letting go’. Aquamarine has calming cooling energies that reduce stress and quiet the mind. Aquamarine is a harmonizing stone that soothes fear, invokes tolerance, overcomes judgmentalism and breaks old, self-defeating programs. Aquamarine sharpens intellect and intuition, opens clairvoyance and promotes self-expression. Aquamarine is a very helpful stone for getting closure and is also said to protect one from environmental pollutants.  Aquamarine is used to aid sore throats, swollen glands, pituitary, thyroid and to calm overreactions of the immune system. Aquamarine regulates hormones, aids eyes, opens and clears the throat chakra, facilitating communication and enhancing one’s ability to receive the energy behind the words of others.  Aquamarine helps to release the old to allow room to be made in your life and heart for those things that you wish to create.  Chakra: Throat, Affirmation: “I release that which no longer serves, and accept Universal abundance.”

Watermelon Tourmaline: watermelon tourmaline is the name given to crystals with pink to violet centers with green rinds around the outside; it is a combination of pink and green tourmaline that balances the energies of each; they are among the most sought after stones for working with the energies of the heart; it awakens the energy of the ‘higher heart’ which is also known as the seat of the soul; it teaches the meaning of joy – that unbound happiness is not caused by any external circumstances but is actually the natural condition of being –when one is attuned to the natural frequency of joy, there is a resulting harmonization of all aspects of oneself; soothes and clears the heart chakra and the physical heart; it is powerful support for those with heart conditions stemming from excessive stress; it’s energy is calming and quickly counters anger or resentment; calms the mind and emotions; assists with meditation; releases the stress of the day and helps one enter into deep states of heart-centred awareness; a wonderful stone for shifting one’s consciousness from the brain to the heart; calms hysterics and dramatics; ideal for hyperactive children, drama addicts and those who need to be quiet and find their centers; useful for helping to heal problems with the physical heart; it’s high lithium content makes it a mood elevator; helps MS; brings wholeness.  Affirmation: “I am at one with the serenity and joy of being.”

Lepidolite: (Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons) Stone of acceptance; clears electromagnetic pollution (good stone to place on computer); in the mica-like form it’s properties are greatly amplified and it is considered the most efficient “mopping up” tool; dissipates negativity; activates and opens throat, heart, third eye and crown charkas, clearing blockages and bringing cosmic awareness; aids in shamanic or spiritual journeying and accessing Akashic records; tunes in to thoughts and feelings from past-lives creating blockage in your life now; it can also take you forward into the future; reduces stress and depression; overcomes insomnia, contains lithium and is helpful in overcoming mood swings and bipolar disorder, helps overcome any kind of emotional or mental dependency; is supportive in releasing addictions; releases and reorganizes old psychological and behavioral patterns; encourages change, independence and achieving goals; stimulates the intellect and analytical abilities; increases objectivity and concentration; speeds decision making; helps one focus on what’s important, filtering out extraneous distractions; encourages standing in your own space, free from the influences of others; a calming stone that soothes sleep disturbances and emotional stress, bringing deep emotional healing; relieves allergies; strengthens immune system; treats epilepsy, exhaustion, Alzheimer’s, sciatica and anorexia; treats illnesses caused by “sick building syndrome” or computer stress; internal elixir for menopause; creates the resonance of acceptance – the process of surrendering higher divine will rather than attempting to force something that is not in harmony with the will of the universe; helps you to understand that the Universe will provide something even better than what you were trying to manifest; Acceptance nourishes our receiving nature and acknowledge our willingness to receive the bounty the Universe has provided for you. Acceptance is not giving up or quitting.  It is having faith in the greater plan of the Universe.  Affirmation: “I accept miracles into my life.”

(Karen Osborne) Relaxation, Surrender, Stillness, Acceptance

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