Aragonite Natural - 9.99
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Aragonite Natural - 9.99

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Natural Aragonite Crystals from Morocco

Average Size: 4 cm in length

Average Weight: 0.4 oz

(Judy Hall) Aragonite balances energy fields; emotional healing; renewed strength and confidence; earth healer; grounding stone; transforms geopathic stress, clears blocked ley lines; stabilizes root charka; deepens connection with the earth; takes one back to childhood to explore the past; teaches patience and acceptance; combats over-sensitivity; helps those who push themselves too hard; facilitates delegating; brings discipline, reliability, practicality; aids concentration; brings flexibility and tolerance, insight into cause of problems; combats anger and emotional stress; provides strength and support; makes you feel well and comfortable within your own body; eases nervous twitching and spasms that come from inner unrest; stabilizes spiritual development that is out of control; helps to centre one’s self; especially helpful during periods of stress and anger; useful in preparation for meditation; warms extremities; treats Reynaud’s disease and chills; heals bones; aids calcium absorption; stops night twitches and muscle spasms; strengthens immune system; grounds floaty people; can be used for regeneration of bones and healing of broken bones.

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