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Azurite Pendant - 109.99

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Beautiful natural Azurite blueberry Crystal displayed in sterling silver setting that is open 360 degrees to radiate it's healing energies - stunning deep blue colour with sparkling druzy Crystal layer

Size: 4.2 (including bale) x 3.3 x 1.5 cm

Weight: 0.43 oz

Azurite: (Naisha Aishan) Azurite occurs in clusters or single blade-like formations, often with Malachite. Is an activator for the third eye chakra and is known for its ability to stimulate psychic ability and insight. It clears and opens the third eye allowing for more conscious use of one's intuitive abilities. Enhances psychic senses of deep perception and intuitive understanding.  Insight is the ability to perceive the true nature or motives of a situation or person.  Azurite helps us to see what we have been missing because we continue to look only at the surface of an issue; it helps us to see the foundations that are creating and maintaining it. Helps us become aware of subtle energies that are at work and to open ourselves to higher guidance on how best to proceed. Azurite acts as a spiritual flashlight, shining its illumination and insight wherever you focus your attention. Azurite is a third eye chakra stone, facilitating clear insight and articulate communication of what has been seen and understood; a stone of inner truth – opens one to higher truths; can assist tuning in to the Akashic records; helps develop psychic abilities, such as mediumship, psycho kinesis, psychometry, remote viewing etc.; can help one to step aside and let one’s truth flow freely, without interference of thought or doubt; soothing to emotions and calming to frayed nerves; allows one to relax and let go of outmoded ideas; helps to get unstuck in the mind and external situations; helps build courage and the gentleness to speak words that must be said without inflicting blame or shame; excellent stone to carry or wear in difficult situations when one wants to avoid conflict without sacrificing truth; embodies the energies of breakthrough, understanding, prophesy, spiritual enlightenment and revelation; helps one reach great stillness in meditation where the I AM joins in direct communication with the soul; frequency of joy, willingness, excitement and curiosity that can help one move beyond apathy and disillusionment; aids accessing levels of knowledge and guidance that will propel one to the next phase of one’s growth; stone of transition; helps perceive lessons learned joyfully so one can move gracefully into the future; great stone for teachers and writers; helps to be clear and succinct; helps overcome feelings of hopelessness, lack of direction, confusion and cynicism; brings joyful, optimistic energy; helps move beyond past emotional experiences to embrace the future with curiosity and courage; stimulating to the endocrine system, especially the pineal and pituitary glands; helps counter stress induced illness, particularly migraines or headaches triggered by stressful situations.  Affirmation: “I move into the future with enthusiasm and optimistic expectation, and I am supported by the flow of spiritual wisdom constantly streaming into and through me from the higher worlds.”

(Judy Hall) Azurite guides psychic and spiritual development; attunes to spiritual guidance; cleanses and opens 3rd eye; powerful healing stone; helps understand the effect of mind & emotions on the body; brings new perspectives; clears the mind, stimulates memory; releases long-standing blocks in communication; lets go of belief systems that no longer serve; helps move into the future without fear; clears stress, worry, grief and sadness; transmutes fear and phobias; treats throat, arthritis and joint problems; aligns the spine; heals thyroid, spleen, kidney, gallbladder and liver; mental healing and stress relief; clears charkas.  Azurite combines the qualities of the two crystals, bringing deep emotional healing, cleansing ancient blocks, miasms, and thought patterns. It also helps overcome muscle cramps."

(Katrina Raphael) There comes a time in the evolution of each soul when it becomes necessary to challenge the very nature of one’s own personal reality.  By letting go of old programmed belief systems, it is possible to take a quantum leap to a greater reality and experience the expanded awareness that comes when outdated concepts are replaced with a deeper understanding of life.  Azurite is for that leap.  It represents the light as it dissolves the darkness of each fear and transforms it into clearer understanding.  Its radiant indigo blue color has the ability to move subconscious thoughts into the conscious mind.  As mental patterns surface, they can then be objectively reviewed and tested against a purer touchstone for truth; one that is founded in greater insight and perspective.  Azurite motivates higher thinking by surfacing deep subconscious thought patterns to be examined by conscious awareness.

When combined with Malchite: Azutie brings deep emotional healing, clears muscle cramps, ancient blocks and miasms.

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