Basalt Wand - 24.99
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Basalt Wand - 24.99

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Tapered Basalt wand with male and female ends.

Weight: 3.0 oz

Size: 10.4 x 2.4 cm or 4 x 0.9 inches

Basalt: (Judy Hall) A volcanic rock made from molten lava, Basalt is strongly magnetic.  It has undergone metamorphosis, so aids transformation and provides a solid support during life challenges.  Basalt facilitates flowing fluidly while remaining grounded, and brings about realization that the conflicts and traumas we encounter help to polish the soul.  Basalt erupts quietly in gentle flows of magma, forming shield-shaped volcanoes and so is a protective stone.  A powerfully magical stone, in ancient Egypt it was associated with the underworld and restoration of life.  Healing statues of Basalt transferred their potency to water poured over them.  It was drunk or used for bathing.  Basalt is useful for exploring your inner self. Facilitating emotional detachment from what you discover, it imparts strength of mind and stabilizes emotions and mood swings.  It helps you to be more resilient under pressure, bounce back from life’s challenges and achieve a more positive perspective on your situation.  Basalt transmutes anger, particularly that held a t a very deep level. Gridding Basalt in areas of environmental unrest or instability realigns the earth’s meridians and provides for free flow of energy, although living on it may impart an air of melancholy to sensitive people.  Grounding floaty people, this stone anchors the physical body into the earth and the soul into the physical body.  A de-stressor, it works to maintain and realign, where appropriate, the structure of the body giving its motor function muscular strength and cohesion.  Use it wherever there is tension in the body as it enables letting go at a profound level.  Basalt also helps to bring your energy levels to optimum.  Basalt may assist muscles, releasing tension, and activates the intestines.  It has long been used to ensure fertility of land and body.  Grid, place or position as appropriate or disperse gem essence around the Earth star and base chakras.  Keep a piece in your pocket during upheaval or energetic change.

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