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Black Moonstone Palm - 39.99

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Nicely domed puffy teardrop shape Black Moonstone Gallet or Palm stone from Madagascar

Size: 5.8 x 5 x 3.3 cm

Weight: 4.86 oz

Black Moonstone: (Judy Hall) Black Moonstone is excellent for metaphysical pursuits of all kinds as it protects and opens up your energy field to higher vibrations.  If you need a mentor or spiritual guardian, hold Black Moonstone and ask that a suitable guide comes to you from higher dimensions or in the physical realm.  Holding a powerful connection to the Divine feminine, it links to the transformative energy of the Black Madonna or the Magdalene.  Black Moonstone screens out the undesirable effects of electromagnetic emanations, especially mobile phones, computers and WIFI, and blocks radiation and X-rays.  Assisting those who are emotionally over-sensitive, it filters the energetic information you pick up from other people so that you only perceive what is useful.  Grid Black Moonstone around your home to attract abundance and to create a calm serene atmosphere.  It stabilizes rocky relationships and assists during teenage angst.  This stone strengthens concentration so use it for study or creativity.  Physically, Black Moonstone increases your stamina and assists accident prone or dyspraxic children to be more focused with better co-ordination.  It helps adults who have motor difficulties or lack concentration to better focus their attention.  Black Moonstone is helpful for the colon, kidneys, liver, spleen, stomach and female reproductive organs.  It may stimulate recovery from a stroke and be beneficial for Parkinson’s and similar diseases.  Moonstone is traditionally used to balance the female hormonal cycle and assist during menopause.

(Marilyn and Tohmas Twintrees) Physical, Emotional and Mental Integration:  Softly. Sweetly. There is no logic to the care I offer.  Open your heart... Electrical Body Alignment:  I link you with all emotions. Affirmation of Support: "I am pure empathy" Stone Story: Anywhere you hold me and place me upon you, I synchronize with your heartbeat. And if that wants Harmony, I bring it. Being one with all our feelings brings us home to ourselves in ways that words just try to imagine....

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