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Blue Aventurine - 19.99

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Polished Blue Aventurine Stone

Weight: 8.6 oz 

Size : 3 inches

(Images are of the same crystal)

(Naisha Ashian) Blue Aventurine resonates with wind and water elements; helps open the throat and third eye, encouraging one to speak one’s highest wisdom and empowering all communications; resonates with heart chakra, fostering love and compassion; useful to those who are empathic ad intuitive, but who tend to be susceptible to negativity because of their sensitivity; while protecting one from negative energy blue Aventurine can aid in perceiving how to heal this susceptibility and strengthen one’s abilities to focus on positive, useful psychic information; cooling and soothing to the auric field and the nervous system; helps balance hyperactivity and improve one’s ability to focus or concentrate; useful in encouraging one to assume one’s power by taking full responsibility for one’s life; helpful in revealing victim patterns and in empowering one to accept responsibility for one’s experiences; teaches us how our actions affect our experiences, and it helps us perceive which actions, thoughts or emotional patterns underlie our creations; helps one see how one’s actions and thoughts have created one’s current reality, so one can be empowered to change one’s life experience; it helps calm fiery emotions and allows one to feel more peaceful and less affected by external energies; blue Aventurine is useful in balancing the hormones – particularly for women; can help muscle twitches, spasms and facial ticks; supports healthy blood and blood oxygenation; helps blue babies strengthen their respiratory and circulatory systems; can assist in calming hyperactivity and enhancing mental focus and concentration.

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