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Blue Lace Agate Natural - 13.99

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Rough Blue Lace Agate

Size: 6 x 2.8 cm or 2.4 x 1.1 inches

Blue Lace Agate: (Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons) stone of communication, clarity, confidence: cooling, calming, comforting; brings peace of mind; one of best stones for healing throat chakra; allows free expression of thoughts and feelings; heals grief and loss; releases shoulder and neck problems, thyroid deficiencies, throat and lymph infections; neutralizes anger, infection, inflammation; enhances sound healing by directing sound to the appropriate place; counteracts suppression of expression that originates from fear of being judged and rejected (especially originating from parents); teaches that our words create our reality and can be a reflection of our highest self;  can help one communicate with guides during meditation; helps one to understand the importance of communicating one’s truth, knowledge, understanding and wisdom; placed on the third eye, can help soothe the mind and still one’s thoughts;  helps shift inner dialogue to be more positive and uplifting; helps those with difficulty discerning truth from falsehood;  Affirmation: “I communicate my ideas with clarity, conviction and irresistible eloquence.”

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