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Bronzite Skull - 399.99

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Bronzite Skull 

Weight: 5 lb

Length Front to Back: 12.5 cm 

Height: 10.2 cm 

Bronzite: (Melody) can be used to individually activate the chakras; can bring freshness and newness to one’s life; helps on the enjoy happiness in the moment; excellent stone for rebirthing; helps to integrate and unite emotions with intellect; provides the message that life is truly joyful to experience; assists one in realizing that there needn’t be any deficiency in any aspect of one’s life, for one is the image of creation, now and for all times; It protects us from negative energy bombardment and assists one in recognizing the source of the negativity; it also provides for insight to the obstacles which block ones progression toward a specific goal, furthering awareness of the avenues available for circumvention; Bronzite produces the energy of alignment.  It also has a circular energy that returns to itself.

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