Cacoxenite Tumbled Stone - 2.99
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Cacoxenite Tumbled Stone - 2.99

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Average Dimensions: 1.8 x 1.2 cm
Average Weight: 0.15 oz
Source: Brazil

Cacoxenite: (Robert Simmons) Gold, yellow or brownish coloured inclusions sometimes found in Quartz or Amethyst.  It forms as fuzzy-looking strands or lines that can be mistaken for Rutile. It brings powerful assistance in raising the vibration of the physical self.  It reprograms cells to continually renew themselves and resist the aging process, as well as the activation of the ‘new’ strands of the genetic spiral.  These processes can be initiated consciously through meditation and dream work but can happen quite unconsciously through simply wearing or carrying Cacoxenite.  It works well with Phenacite, Danburite, Azeztulite and Scolecite to activate the third eye and crown chakras for inner visionary experience, interdimensional communication and connection to Spirit.  Pairing with Moldavite creates the strongest combo for raising cellular vibrations and accelerating one’s evolutionary path.  It offers the attraction and grounding of the highest spiritual Light.  Sugilite and Seraphinite will aid in healing and/or regenerating the body.

(Naisha Ahsian) Promotes expansion of consciousness that heals perceived breach between the physical and spiritual realms.  It helps remind one of their ability to open to Spirit when there is a need or desire for this connection.  It is helpful for those experiencing strong emotional upheaval or those who feel a struggle between the ego and the Divine’s plan.  Cacoxenite enables one to cleanse the energy systems of any negative attachments preventing one from moving forward on one’s path.  Emotional cords linking one to outmoded relationships can be dissolved in Light of Spirit which is grounded on the Earth Plane by Cacoxenite.  Placing it on the third eye or solar plexus promotes perception and understanding of emotional issues in one’s life.  It enables one to connect more easily to one’s guides or guardian spirits.  Assists aligning one’s personal will with Divine will.  It clears and strengthens the connection to Spiritual realms.  It fosters a surrender to Divine will and keeps the ego at bay.  It is helpful with any type of stomach upset, digestive issues, and problems in nutrient assimilation.  It is supportive for the adrenals and the thyroid.  Affirmation: “I cleanse myself of negative attachments and bring the highest spiritual Light to all levels of my being.”


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