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Careltonite Natural - 23.47

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Rare, natural Carletonite Crystal from Mont St Hilaire, Quebec, Canada. This piece has some pinky, lavender hues.

Size: 1.9 x 1.5 x 0.9 cm

Weight: 0.12 oz

Carletonite is a stone of truth and clarity. It is said to work at a master level to allow the physical body to absorb highest frequency energies to bring physical health and vitality, including cellular regeneration, balance of hormones, fertility and even healing of cancer and miasmas. Carletonite users can expect an increase in psychic abilities, especially clairvoyance and spirit communication. Carletonite eliminates negativity on mental, emotional and spiritual levels and works to repair holes and other damage to the aura. It aligns chakras, stimulates acupuncture points and promotes energy flow. Carletonite attracts nature beings and heals ley lines of the Earth. Some sources even say that it purifies the air!

Carletonite is a potassium, sodium, calcium, silicate, carbonate of hydrated hydroxide fluorine which formula is K,Na4Ca4Si8O18(CO3)4(OH,F) · H2O.

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