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Chabazite Natural - 19.99

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Natural Chabazite specimen from Nova Scotia, Canada

Size: 5 x 3 x 3 cm

Weight: 1.64 oz

Chabazite: (Melody) Helpful for structuring one’s life, focusing the energy and directing to the area where it will be most beneficial at that time.  It’s a stone that allows one to be ‘alone in the crowd’ providing centering and contemplation to all surroundings.  Chabazite is conducive to gaining and maintaining a meditative state and assists one in the attainment of depths of the central light of universal peace. Chabazite produces a stillness of the mind, which allows the intellect to adjust to higher realms, bringing forth those thoughts and realizations which are conducive to, and actually stimulate, higher learning.  It has been used to lessen the degrees of addiction and to both comfort and stabilize the addictive personality.  It allows the energies of the addictive personality to transform to positive forces, and brings the focus of the user toward recovery, toward rejuvenation, and toward reclamation of the true self.  This mineral can initiate a chain reaction of energies within the body, allowing one to sustain oneself for long periods.  Endurance, perseverance, and tenacity are enhanced.  The initiative to take control of one’s life is instilled with the utilization of this mineral.  Chabazite can be used as an elixir, as a spring tonic or applied to sore muscles.  It can help lessen conditions of obesity and to balance thyroid disorders.  Vibrates to the number 3 and astrological sign of Virgo.

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