Chrysanthemum Stone - 19.99
Crystal Medicine

Chrysanthemum Stone - 19.99

Regular price $19.99

Average weight 4.2 oz

Average size 3.5 x 2 inches

Chrysanthemum Stone: radiates calm and harmony even during change; helps one to enjoy being centered in the present moment; encourages the self to bloom – inspires and energizes and brings endeavors to fruition; teaches how to remain child-like, fun-loving and innocent while on the Spiritual path; strengthens character; overcomes bigotry, ignorance, narrow-mindedness, self-righteousness and jealousy; encourages showing more love to the world which in turn brings more love into your life; counteracts superficiality – adds depth to one’s thoughts and guards against distractions; helps to perceive the bigger picture; brings stability and trust to relationships and eliminates resentment and animosity; heals skin, skeleton and eyes; disperses toxins and dissolves growths; do not cleanse with water ( the white part is soluble)


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