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Clear Quartz Companion Future Time Link Crystal - 17.99

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Companion Future Time Link Quartz Crystal. This Crystal has nice clarity and a bridge feature at the base.

Size: 4 x 2.4 x 2.2 cm

Weight: 0.93 oz

Source: Brazil

Companion Crystals: A companion Crystal consists of two Crystals that grow in the same direction and parallel to each other from a common base.  Often one Crystal is much larger than the other.  Companion Crystals are nurturing and supportive, especially during difficult times.  They help people in any type of relationship learn how to best understand, respect and support each other.

Time Link Crystals: link to past or future depending which way the parallelogram points; used to link parallel realities and simultaneous existences; provide bridges that a soul can travel along to access past and future existences; expands our perspective from linear time to the multi-D; unites the fragmented, unhealed aspects of ourselves; awakens soul memories from other lifetimes; can be used in meditations and healings, held during sleep or placed under pillow; for use during meditations, link to 3rd eye; it can be placed on third eye, or held in left hand with thumb on link – always fully ground yourself first (you can  use black tourmaline), then set a clear intention and call on your Master guides for guidance and protection.

Right-facing Parallelograms

Right-facing parallelogram Time-Link Crystals activate the left side of the brain, providing access to technological and scientific information that is more linear in nature.  Right-facing time links take one into the future, awakening one’s life purpose helping one to envision desires for this lifetime.  They can assist perceiving the karmic effects of one’s current life choices.

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