Blue Mist Lemurian - 29.99
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Blue Mist Lemurian - 29.99

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Blue Mist Lemurian Quartz Crystal Point.  The inner mist is Cookite (a Lithium-based mineral).

Weight: 1 oz x Length: 5.5 cm 

Width: 1.9 cm 

Origin: Colombia

Blue Mist Lemurian Crystals: ( Blue Mist Lemurian Quartz Crystals were formed in the mountains of Columbia over 100 million years ago. During their lifetime there was a 20 million year crisis when they were internally fractured and broken by the earth’s tumultuous upheavals. And after each one of these catastrophes the crystals healed themselves internally giving rise to the appearance of the blue mist. The yellowish colours near the base are due to the presence of another mineral, limonite. The super clarity of the crystal tip flows down the crystal into the self-healed blue mist in the middle of the crystal and grounds at the limonite at the base. Somewhere in between the Blue Mist Crystal’s energy dives into your solar plexus and grounds your creative ideas into reality. They make you feel both like a young child and an old wise person at the same time. The focus of the energy from the Blue Mist Quartz Crystal is in the solar plexus. Instantly calming emotionally and physically - people report feeling instantly calm as soon as they hold the Blue Mist Crystal; very peaceful with tingling sensations through their hands, arms and sometimes right through the whole body. Blue Mist Crystals can help relieve pain, which is emotionally rooted and aggravated by stress. These crystals would be beneficial for increasing fertility, sex drive and balancing hormones. They are fresh and cleansing. Meditate with a Blue Mist Crystal and in your meditative state you’ll find as you move up through the crystal the energy moves down through you. It is grounding and uplifting at the same time; so it’s an excellent crystal for anyone working on any creative project, a new relationship, new business venture or anything else you want to manifest into reality. Some of the Blue Mist Crystals are also manifestation crystals and would be perfect for this sort of work. A manifestation crystal is any crystal (usually quartz) with another crystal growing inside (which is often also quartz). They are specialists in bringing your dreams, goals and desires into reality in your life; often very powerful tools for major life changes.

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