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Common Opal in Matrix - 34.99

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Common Opal in matrix from Ankara Province, Central Anatolia, Turkey; back of the stone has been cut flat

Size: 5 x 4.4 cm

Weight: 1.69 oz

Opal: In Roman civilization opal was a stone of luck and hope; delicate stone, fine vibration; enhances cosmic consciousness, induces psychic visions; originality, dynamic creativity; accessing and expressing true self; karmic stone, teaches what you put out comes back; enhances self-worth, understanding full potential; promotes love, passion, desire, eroticism, seduction, release of inhibitions; brings loyalty, faithfulness, spontaneity; magnifies thoughts and feelings; heals intestines, kidneys, lower back, balances adrenals and insulin; relieves PMS; eases childbirth, balances blood sugar

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