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Crocoite Natural - 39.92

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Array of natural firey red-orange Crocoite Crystals on matrix from Adelaide mine in Tasmania, Australia

Size: 6.8 x 2.8 cm

Largest Crystal Size: 2.2 x 1.6 cm

Weight: 4.34 oz

Crocoite: (Robert Simmons) Crocoite’s colour is red or red-orange, and sometimes yellow.  The best known deposits are in Tasmania, Australia, but fine specimens have also been found in the Ural Mountains of Russia.  It is a beneficial stone for making breakthroughs, especially for those whose most passionate pursuit is the realization of enlightenment.  Crocoite activates the crown, heart and root chakras, opening the kundalini channel and moving one’s core energy through it.  This powerful opening can catalyze all sorts of quantum leaps in one’s consciousness, dispelling old blockages and allowing the full expression of one’s spiritual self through the physical body.  It can stimulate passion, love and spiritual awareness all at once.  For couples, Crocoite is highly conducive to Tantric love-making practices.  Keeping a Crocoite cluster in the bedroom can infuse the area with blissful waves of ecstatic engagement.  It activates fertility in the body as well as creative expressions.  It is an excellent stone for artists, writers, and musicians.  It also supports the reproductive systems in the body.

(Naisha Ahsian) Crocoite is an exceptionally strong Storm element stone that can activate many different levels in the auric field.  It increases physical vitality, assists one in feeling empowered in physical reality, and helps one manifest one’s needs and desires more easily.  It also assists one in maintaining general physical health and well-being.  It stimulates the heart’s electromagnetic field, which contributes to a strong, positive aura – radiates a powerful frequency of love throughout one’s aura and environment.  It encourages an courageous and heroic heart, strongly radiating the frequencies of love and compassion.  This means that negative energies that created emotional experiences in the past no longer affect one as much.  Instead, one becomes an activator of the hearts of others.  Crocoite allows one to connect to the higher realms and to ground those frequencies of higher energies through the heart and root centres.  This process creates a channel of Light through the physical body, into the world so that one becomes a beacon of Light for others.  Crocoite also stimulates higher awareness and physic ability.  It can activate a powerful awakening of to one’s true potential and purpose, enhancing one’s capacities for healing, psychic ability, manifestation and one’s command of energy in general.  In the process, one experiences powerful emotional clearing and alignment of ones’ thoughts with one’s heart.  It is helpful to immune system imbalances, highly stimulating to the endocrine system and has a balancing effect on the glands.  Affirmation: “I am filled with physical vitality, creativity, love and spiritual enlightenment.”

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