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Dendritic Malachite Cuprite Aragonite Natural - 9.99

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These natural rough pieces are 3 stones combined: Dendritic Malachite, Aragonite and Cuprite

Average Size: 4.5 x 4 cm or 1.8 x 1.6 inches

Average Weight: 4.25 oz

Dendritic Malachite – Aragonite – Cuprite: (Marilyn and Tohmas Twintrees) This glorious, raw Stone from Morocco is delighting us utterly.  Enjoy. Physical, Emotional, Mental Integration: Today I meet you in equality and utter freedom.  Be the fullness that you truly are!  I see you there.  I watch you evolving and I support that completely.  I never focus on just your shadows; they will slip away perfectly as you love and be and do more from your heart.  Let me strengthen it now.  It is the time for you to be your heart-in-action. Electrical Body Alignment:  I align with your constantly changing growth and health.  I join you with the most healing that you can absorb now.  Celebrate this. Affirmation of Support: “I am evolving perfectly every moment, unconditionally.” Stone Story: I am a combination of many different Stones at once, because you need Kindness, Courage, Transformation, Release, Grace, all at oncewithout pause. Here accept all of these glorious gifts from me. I have come to this exact moment in time through the generosity of the Earth Mother to be with you, to smile upon the radiant perfection of you - even as you are transmuting the most difficult challenges of all your lives. I understand this. I accept this utterly. Do you?

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