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Black Star Diopside Pendant - 29.99

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Oval shape Black Star Diopside cabochon in sterling silver bezel setting; the back is open.  Black Star Diopside is the birthstone for the astrological sign of Scorpio.

Very challenging to photograph the asterism; it's more defined than the photos show

Size: 2.2 x 1 cm

(Judy Hall) A stone of service that increases compassion, opening your heart to the suffering of others and encouraging you to be of service to the planet through a profound sense of connection with the earth. By teaching humility and assisting in honouring what you really feel, this stone supports in following your intuition and enhances your ability to sense. A useful healer for psychological conditions, this stone teaches the value of trust and forgiveness and assists in reconciling with anyone or anything that has hurt you in the past. 

(Melody) This mineral can be used to stimulate intellect and can provide assistance in mathematical and analytical pursuits. It enhances academic learning and couples the practical side of ones nature to both the sciences and arts. It allows one to understand the duality within the self, and further stimulates retrieval of the feminine side of nature, being a good stone for those who will not allow themselves to cry. It can be used in the treatment of physical weakness and psychological disorders. It is an excellent stone for runners, helping to eliminate the muscular spasm and “stitches’ during the run. It has also been used to calm pets.

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