Dragon Blood Jasper Pendant - 95.99
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Dragon Blood Jasper Pendant - 95.99

Regular price $95.99

Source: Australia

Sterling Silver artistic bezel setting with open back.

Size of stone: 2 x 3.5 cm

Total setting with bail: 3 x 6 cm

Weight: 0.5 oz

Dragon Stone also called Bastite: (Judy Hall) Stimulates kundalini rise, activating the chakras and creativity on all levels. It activates Dragon energy, the earth’s kundalini, assisting earth healing and bringing order out of chaos. It enhances fertility and puts meridians back on line. Helpful in past life healing where ancient abuse blocks sexual response. Placed on minor chakras located in the knees, Dragon stone helps you be more centred and grounded on earth. Reputed to help infertility and conditions arising from a blocked base or sacral chakra. 


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