Elite Shungite Pendant - 29.99
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Elite Shungite Pendant - 29.99

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Lightly tumbled Elite Shungite pendant on black waxed cotton cord

Source: Karelia, Russia

Average Size: (stone only) 3 x 2 cm or 1.2 x 0.8 inches

Average Weight: 0.21

Elite Shungite: Elite Shungite is a special type of Shungite that more silvery and metallic-looking than the regular black Shungite.  It has a denser feel than regular Shungite, which has a more porous quality.  It came to be known as “Elite” because of the highly amplified healing properties it exhibits.  This is thought to be due to the higher fullerene content in Elite Shungite.  Regular rock Shungite carbon is composed of 30 to 50 % fullerenes.  The fullerene composition in Elite Shungite can reach as high as 94%.  Elite Shungite is considered to be hundreds and even thousands of times more powerful than regular Shungite.  Elite Shungite is not as plentiful as regular Shungite and is difficult to mine.  To obtain even a small amount of Elite Shungite, workers have to sort through several tons of regular Shungite.  Therefore, the Elite Shungite is considered a rare stone and is more expensive.

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