Euclase Natural - 9.99
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Euclase Natural - 9.99

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Precious, perfect, tiny natural Euclase Crystal cluster with natural terminations

Size: approx 0.5 x 0.5 cm

Sourc: Equador, RioGrande do Norte, Minas Gervais, Brazil 

Euclase: (Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons) heart, throat and third eye chakras; a stone of inner clarity and strength; enhances integrity and shines a light upon all that is out of alignment with one’s highest, truest way of being; enhances sense of self so that one would not consider dishonoring oneself with even small acts of dishonesty; influences one toward impeccability; opens one’s eyes to the deception in which we live; renders on immune to dishonest claims of all kinds, advertising, education, intimate relationships; helps clear the air of hidden agendas and unhealthy agreements; works by providing compassionate, persistent adherence to the truth; also has the effect of increasing the frequencies of synchronicities in one’s life to which we are advised to pay close attention; stimulates and amplifies the energies of the mind, powers of perception and one’s psychic abilities; enhances communication of all kinds; aids learning, especially on the karmic level, helping to understand one’s own karmic influences; assists access of akashic records; excellent for those who procrastinate as it alleviates feeling of confusion or being overwhelmed; aids the mind in gaining clarity and implementing guidance; enhances mind-body connection and helps one to make healthy choices in the care and feeding of the body; transforms dense energies; helps to be more forgiving of oneself when coming to terms with karmic experiences; improves eyesight and vision; improves brain function, brings more accurate learning and mental processing; excellent stone for overcoming stuttering and other speech disorders.  Affirmation: “I live in the truth, walking my path with clarity and compassion.”