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Faden Quartz Crystal from Toyee, Waziristan, NW Frontier, Pakistan

Size: 5.9 x 2.5 x 2.1 cm

Weight: 0.76 oz

Faden Quartz: (Robert Simmons) A variety of quartz crystal that is distinguished by a fuzzy white line (like a strand or fiber) that runs through it.  The word ‘faden’ is a German word for fiber.  It is thought that the faden lines may have been fractures that have healed and regrown.  The fractures may have been caused by earthquakes or other shifts in the surrounding strata.  Faden quartz is one of the premiere healing stones of the quartz family.  Because they have been broken themselves, injured and re-healed, they carry the pattern of healing very strongly, especially that of physical healing.  Faden quartz can also be programmed to increase its power for specific healing purposes.  It holds it’s programming for long periods of time and needs to be cleansed with salt or buried in the Earth for several days in order to remove it.  They are ideal for consciousness expansion and connecting to higher vibrational planes.  They are also useful for attuning to inner movements of the Earth.  Their experience of past Earth changes makes them ideal tools for those who seek information on current and future physical vibrational shifts of the Earth.

(Naisha Ahsian) Faden are powerful allies for bridging energetic breaks, leaks and holes and other fractures in the energy field and in the structure of the physical body.  They can be used to help repair the etheric blueprint level of the energy field, assisting the body and the aura in regaining integrity after intrusion or other breaks have occurred.  Because of their tabular structure, Faden crystals act as vibrational bandages, allowing energy to run in both directions over compromised areas of the energetic field and physical body.  Faden quartz stimulates the auric field and assists in re-energizing the aura when leakages, holes, attachment or abrupt energetic cord removal has created a drain (similar to a hole in a tire).  They are excellent to use for physical healing that stems from breaks in the bones, tears in the muscles, disconnection in the nervous system (including severed nerves) and surgery.  They act as etheric bandages that allow for stability as deeper work on healing these issues is conducted.  Affirmation: “I embrace the perfect energetic blueprint of my healing and wholeness.”

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