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Fairy Quartz Laser Crystal - 27.97

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Fairy Quartz Cross Crystal from South Africa

Size: 5.7 x 1.2 x 1.3 cm

Weight: 0.29 oz

Fairy Quartz: (Judy Hall) Fairy Quartz grows in long opaque points covered with tiny Crystals often forming raised lines.  It is found in Mexico and South Africa.  Crystals are usually white or grayish in colour.  Fairy Quartz links to the Faery Kingdom and to planetary and Earth Devas. Spiritually it assists in unraveling family myths and ancestral or cultural stories in you are locked, reframing them where appropriate.  Fairy Quartz draws out emotional or physical disease, removes emotional pain and introduces healing energy into the body, especially that of a child.  It harmonizes the home environment and quiets children after nightmares.  This stone is perfect for program to support your creative inner child.  Fairy Quartz detoxifies tissues, draws off pain and stabilizes vertigo.  Place, hold or grid as appropriate or use as a wand.

Cross Crystals: A Cross Crystal formation is two Crystals growing at right angles to one another.  One crystal is usually larger than the other.  Cross Crystals can provide stability when opening the third eye.  They are great aids to spiritual study and they can assist cleansing chakras and removal of energetic intrusions.

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