Fairy Stone or Goddess Stone - 5.99
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Fairy Stone or Goddess Stone - 5.99

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Delightful natural Fairy Stones collected from the shores of the Harricana River, Abitibi, Quebec, Canada

Weight: 1.0 oz

Fairy Stone: (Judy Hall) These Calcite fairy figures are pseudomorphs created when calcite settled into glacial clay.  If a Fairy Stone adopts you, it acts as a “little helper” taking care of details and providing a safe and nurturing space in which to work both spiritually and practically.  They have a strong link to the nurturing energies of the Earth Mother and to female power.  Fairy Stone teaches concern for the planet and all those upon it.  It helps us to take action and get things done in a practical way.  It helps to channel information that is basic, grounded and to the point.  It is a useful shamanic anchor for lower world journeys.  It attaches you to the Earth’s core so that you can ride out and ground Earth-energy changes.  Psychologically, Fairy Stone assists dismantling defensive walls you have built around old hurts that lock you old pain.  They dissolve flight or fight responses and old conditioned reactions and teach you how to respond positively to each new situation.  Each stone has a unique energy according to its shape; meditate with it to learn how it wants to work with you and the specific gifts it offers.  Fairy Stone is excellent for healing arthritic pain and dissolving calcifications.

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