Gaia Stone Tumbled - 4.99
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Gaia Stone Tumbled - 4.99

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Gaia Stone or Green Obsidian (Volcanic Glass - human-made)

Average Size 2.25 x 2.5 x 1 cm 

Average Weight: 0.8 oz

Gaia Stone: (Robert Simmons & Hazel Raven) Connection with the heart of the Earth, love and compassion, emotional healing, goddess energies. Element water

Spiritual: is a potent aid for both psychic and magical development. It increases clairvoyant and telepathic abilities. It encourages past-life recall. It can be used in rituals for the gradual increase of prosperity. It attracts good luck and aids those who are starting new ventures. It also aids those who work with natural forces, including Nature spirits.

Emotional: encourages balanced judgment and is very helpful for teenagers and anyone with troubled emotions. It is used for healing relationships and promoting fidelity in long-term relationships. Gaia stone banishes nightmares and aids restful sleep. 

Physical: Crystal therapists use it to ease migraines and tension headaches, stress, gastric upsets, anxiety and all agitated emotional states. It has also been utilized to aid fertility and bring ease to the heart and lungs. It is helpful in healing eye conditions and has been used to release stress stored within the muscles of the eye. Affirmation: I open my heart to the Heart of the Earth, and we exchange love and compassion with one another. 


(Judy Hall) brings a profound connection to the divine feminine within women and men. Spiritually, having been born out of fire, this stone shows the value in the spiritual purification and transmutation that occurs through psychological catharsis and alchemical processes within the body or the earth. This stone opens and unites the Earth and Heart chakras and harmonizes the entire chakra flow. Having a powerful link to the Earth Mother, environmentally Gaia Stone attunes to devas and the anima terra, the soul of the earth, and takes you journeying to the place outside our solar system where that soul originated. This stone is comforting for those who do not feel the earth is their real home, activating the earth section of a cosmic anchor and stabilizing your inner-core energy field or acting as a shamanic anchor for lower-world journeys. By creating close harmony with the earth and the environment, this stone assists in healing the etheric energy grid of the planet especially when gridded around areas of disharmony or pollution. Promoting compassion and empathy, it teaches that everything on and in the earth is a unity. Emotionally, it draws painful wounds out of the emotional body and neutralizes past trauma, replacing negativity with unconditional love for yourself and others. Physically, it attunes you to the energy flow of the earth and to the divine feminine as manifested through Earth Mother. A stone of prosperity and abundance, Gaia Stone stimulates healing ability od all kinds. Particularly useful for self-healing and overcoming emotional wounds and past trauma. Placed on Third Eye it alleviates psychosomatic dis-ease and migraine and can bring beneficial healing and cooling to eye conditions.

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