Goethite on Marcasite - 9.99
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Goethite on Marcasite - 9.99

Regular price $9.99

Average Weight: 0.2 - 0.4 oz 

Average Length: 1 1/12 inches

Origin: Western Australia

Shape, Size, and Color varies from crystal to crystal 

Marcasite supports optimal physical and mental health.  It provides clarity in regard to gender issues.   It clears the auric field of disharmonious influences and helps cut the strings of attachment between ones self and others with whom one may have unhealthy relationships.  Marcasite stimulates and integrates the first 3 chakras, the root, the sacral and solar plexus – and it links them firmly with the Earth star chakra below one’s feet.  Through these 3 chakras, Marcasite works to optimize one’s life force, courage, sexual energy, creativity, willpower and mental clarity.

 Goethite teaches enjoyment of the journey; brings energy to pursuits of discovery; balances pragmatism with imagination; helps alleviate distractions to improve concentration; can enable one to predict future events; helps attune to ethereal realms and enhance communication with angels; facilitates clairaudience

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