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Golden Apatite - 12.99

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Natural Golden Apatite Crystal from Cerro Mereado, Mexico

Size: 3.5 x 2.5 x 1.4 cm

Weight: 0.44 oz

Gold Apatite: (Robert Simmons) one of the purest crystals of the yellow ray, the vibration of mental clarity, strength of will and manifestation.  It is a solar stone and therefore male in tone.  It can help either men or women strengthen the male side of the personality.  It assists one in developing assertiveness and confidence in all situations.  Golden Apatite is also a stone of learning and it can enhance one’s capacity for taking in and digesting new information – especially information which helps in manifesting one’s strongest desires.  If one is unclear about what one really wants out of life in general, or in any aspect of life, meditation with Golden Apatite can bring both the needed insight and the strength of purpose to make it so.  Carrying or wearing Golden Apatite can increase the effect of one’s will in social situations and can enhance personal charisma.  It can assist in the manifestation of prosperity on all levels.  It can help one find the courage to take risks and the clarity to know which risks to take. One note of caution – those with an abundance of confidence may find it makes them overly assertive to others.  On the other hand, Golden Apatite can be a useful ally to anyone in a competitive situation, from sports to the corporate world.

(Naisha Ahsian) Golden Apatite carries the energy of fire element that is stimulating and purifying of the solar plexus and the action center at the second chakra. It is an ally to all aspects of creation and manifestation work.  It is particularly helpful to those starting new ventures or who wish to bring ideas into physical form.  It is an excellent stone for businesspeople, or for those who need to develop their business skills in order to manifest a living from their passions.  Golden Apatite helps one connect with Divine Will and to understand how to manifest Divine Will through action in the world.  It can assist one in overcoming self-imposed limitations, which prevent one from taking action.  It can also aid one in moving through one’s fear of action – lending courage and excitement when one is hesitant to make a move or take a necessary risk on the path to manifesting one’s dreams.  The frequency of Golden Apatite helps to release blockages in the solar plexus chakra which may limit one’s acceptance of abundance or prosperity. It can help one overcome fear of success and heal patterns of self-sabotage.  It allows one to develop self-confidence and to renew one’s sense of self-worth.  It lends a sunny energy to one’s aura, helping one to feel hopeful and passionate about life.  It is stimulating to the endocrine system and can help improve overall energy levels as it assists the body with detoxifying.  It is stimulating to the metabolism and helps the body use energy efficiently.  It can be an aid for losing weight or enhancing the effect of exercise.  It energizes the spleen and gallbladder and assists improving digestion.  Affirmation: “I call forth my rightful clarity of mind, strength of purpose and success in creation and manifestation.”

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