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Green Heulandite - 26.99 - now 18.99

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Natural Green Heulandite Crystal from India

Size: 3.7 x 4.1 x 1.8 cm

Weight: 0.45 oz

Green Heulandite: (Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons) focused on the heart centre and the expression of heartfelt joy; the physical heart is a generator of the majority of the aura’s electromagnetic energy – Green Huelandite strengthens the heart and weak auras and is an excellent protective stone in that it promotes a naturally strong and resilient aura; strengthens hearts weakened or damaged by stress; excellent for supporting emotional healing from stress, grief or shock; helps recovery from heart attacks, angina or other heart related ailments; refocused ones awareness from the head to the heart; soothing to the emotional body; promotes joyful and blissful states of consciousness; fosters compassion and love; helps to release resentment, judgement, cynicism and sarcasm; helps release attachment to judging and categorizing one’s experiences. Affirmation: “I am able to travel through the many dimensions of consciousness and I return with information that uplifts me and serves the purpose of the heart.”

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