Green Sardonyx Tumbled - 4.99
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Green Sardonyx Tumbled - 4.99

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Tumbled Green Sardonyx stones from India


Average Size: 2 x 2 cm 

Average Weight: 0.4 oz

Green Sardonyx: Green Sardonyx is a light to dark green, banded stone with stripes of ivory, or beige. It is known as a stone of good fortune and opportunity.  Its energies are happy and positive and attract the same into one’s life.  Green Sardonyx is excellent for grounding, connecting to the Earth and working with Earth energy.  It provides a stabilizing and harmonizing influence that helps one to attune to the natural world.  It is known to help one find the path of least resistance while at the same time find willpower, strength and self-control.  Like regular Sardonyx, the Green variety is useful for bringing happiness, stability and longevity to marriage and partnerships. It encourages positive thought and can alleviate depression.  On the physical level, Sardonyx brings stamina and vigor and is helpful in healing bones, lungs, the heart and sensory organs.  It strengthens the immune system and regulates fluids and cell metabolism.

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