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Halite Natural - 3.99

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Natural faint pink Halite Salt Crystal

Size: 4.8 x 3.9 x 2.4 cm

Weight: 0.77 oz

Halite – Pink: NO WATER FOR HALITE – IT DISSOLVES INSTANTLY (Robert Simmons) Pink Halite is an excellent stone for manifesting self-love and to action – to actually do the things that self-love implies.  This is because it blends the energies of the heart and solar plexus – the chakras of love and will.  Thus, someone working with PH may actually find the sense of purpose required to live a healthier lifestyle, or begin a meditation regime, or take time for personal recreation and enjoyment.  One might find oneself cleaning up the loose ends of relationships, making amends for unmet commitments, or saying ‘no’ to someone who wants to take advantage.  All of these are actions of self-love and clarification, and PH can be a catalyst for them.  PH is a stone of clarity. It tends to dissolve foggy thinking, confusion, deception and doubt.  It can really clear the air in many ways.  It is recommended that those who work in environments of negativity or indirect communication keep a piece of PH on the desk or on one’s person. It’s energy will help one express oneself straightforwardly and will assist in seeing through the truth in all types of interactions.  One can dissolve PH in bath water (only a tiny amount is required) to produce a full etheric cleansing.  PH combines synergistically with Morganite, Rose Quartz, Stellar Beam Calcite and Dolomite.  Libyan Gold Tektite, Golden Labradorite and Heliodor assist one in using PH to help translate the experience of love into loving actions.
(Naisha Ahsian) PH activates cleansing on the physical and emotional levels.  Its energy is similar to that of Rose Quartz, but it has a much stronger cleansing effect on the tissues.  PH works on the emotional level drawing out old habitual emotional patterns so that they can be cleansed, integrated and released. PH has a peaceful, calming effect on the emotional body. Its vibration is uplifting to the heart and helps to eradicate ‘emotional noise’ one may pick up from others.  For this reason, it is a protective stone for those who are strong emotional empaths.  PH clears the heart and solar plexus to heal the expression and experience of emotions.  It enables one to clear emotional attachments to others, particularly where relationships have ended without appropriate communication.  It can also assist one in clearing the attachments others may have to oneself.  By clearing the emotional body, PH aids one in gaining a new sense of emotional serenity and center.  PH works to cleanse toxins from the cells and tissues of the body.  It can assist in clearing dis-ease where it is caused by unresolved emotional experiences.  It can assist the body in processing and releasing heavy metals stored in the tissues.  It also assists more effective metabolism of nutrients and water on a cellular level. Affirmation: “I call forth, the cleansing and purification of all levels of my energy field and physical body, making it a perfect vehicle for Love and Light.”

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