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Hemimorphite Pendant - 31.99

Regular price $31.99

Natural oval-like shape Hemimorphite druzy formation in silver bezel setting; the back is open

Dimensions: 2.1 x 1.2 cm

Weight: 0.10

Hemimorphite: Hemimorphite brings the energy of flow, compassion, and communication of one’s true feelings. It is a stone of empathy and can bring healing to dysfunctional realtionships.

It is an excellent stone for communicating with spirit guides and angels and is very helpful to those desiring to become mediums or channels. It is also helpful to healers and spiritual councellors. Hemimorphite activates and clears the crown and third eye chakras. It is also energizing to the heart and the emotional body. Blue Hemimorphite stimulates visionary abilities, assists remote viewing, clairvoyance, telepathy and the dream state. It can help ease hormone-related headaches, PMS symptoms and menopause.

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