Hollandite in Quartz - 9.99
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Hollandite in Quartz - 9.99

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Rare, natural Hollandite formations in Quartz from Madagascar

Size: 2 x 2.5 cm

Weight 0.2 oz 


Hollandite: (Robert Simmons) The origin of most Hollandite Quartz is Madagascar.  Hollandite forms as six pointed stars within the quartz.  Working with this stone can bring memories of the future concerning whom one is destined to become.   Hollandite energetically open locks which have closed one’s conscious awareness off from recalling the destiny one has chosen from this life.  Such recognition carries emotional charges and exhilaration to carry one forward on the potentially difficult path of assuming one’s full mantle of self-hood and wielding the sovereign power that resides within us as whole beings.  On a physical level, Hollandite can activate the template for one’s ideal form.  If one’s body is out of alignment with one’s identity, it may change, patterning itself in resonance with the newly claimed self-hood.  For many, such shifts can appear as improvements in health and appearance, including weight loss, enhanced strength, and stamina, relaxation of facial lines, clearing of eyes and numerous other regenerative phenomena.  Hollandite quickens the manifestation of one’s higher, true identity.  The DNA patterns may shift and increase their frequencies, bringing forth greater photon emissions – more Light.  Such vibrational shifts may increase longevity and prolong youthful health.  Hollandite may trigger a moment of awakening and self-remembrance, yet such a moment only shows one the door.  It’s walking through that door as a fully conscious choice, that allows all the rest to happen, yet these crystals can open one to many varieties of ‘aha’ moments

(Naisha Ahsian)  Hollandite helps eradicate any resistance to one’s spiritual path and the assumption of one’s spiritual power.  It helps clear all of the chakras, empowering one to bring more light energy in the physical systems.  It stimulates visioning abilities, healing abilities, ad the ability to bring the highest frequency energies into the body.  It can assist star-seed and walk-in beings to acclimate to Earth’s energy systems.  It generally assists with grounding and alignment of energy systems in the physical body and the processing of higher frequency energies and radiation.  It’s excellent energetic support for those who have undergone radiation therapy or radiation poisoning.  Affirmation:  “I awaken to my spiritual purpose and I choose to fulfill my highest destiny.”

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