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Infinite Stone - 19.99

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Natural rough piece of Infinite Stone with one polished side

Size: 6.4 x 2.9 x 5.1 cm - irregular shape

Weight: 3.77 oz

Infinite Stone, also known as Butterstone: Infinite Stone is a form of green or grey-green Serpentine that formed in South Africa during the Archaen Period when sedimentation of sea life was establishing in a shallow sea environment. Infinite Stone formed approximately 2800 million years ago when atmospheric pressure and heat from volcanic activity hardened the sediments. Microfossils known as Stomatolites of blue green algae can be found in Infinite Stone’s fine laminations. These algae may represent the beginnings of life on Earth. Perhaps that’s what makes Infinite Stone so efficient at repairing the human aura and restoring it to its creation blueprint. It mends holes and fissures, prevents energy leakage, and attachments. It insulates the aura and creates a buffer zone from energies that leave one feeling drained or stressed. It effectively seals the aura and protects from negative energies while effectively invigorating and purifying one’s energy field. Infinite Stone is an excellent stone for releasing negative patterns at the cellular level and restoring energetic flow. It is one of the best stones for healing false and limiting beliefs that keep us stuck in patterns of pain and suffering. Infinite Stone is smooth; its energy is calming and soothing. It’s especially helpful at clearing grief and finding renewed energy to begin new phases of life. It also brings the energy of renewal to the physical body and to one’s environment. Infinite Stone is also used to raise Kundalini energy and elevate one’s vibration. It’s excellent for creating a healing environment, connecting to the Earth and use in healing sessions. It connects to the ley lines and power sites of the Earth and is known for its ability to heal geopathic stress. Infinite Stone also has a strong connection to nature and the Devic realms. It can help one to see and communicate to nature spirits and fairies..

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