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Iolite Angel - 21.99

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Approximate Height: 2 inches

Source: India

Size, shape and colour varries from piece to piece.

Iolite: Is a stone of vision, intuition and psychic ability that brings illumination to suppressed and unknown parts of psyche. It is an excellent aid to mediums, channels, astrologers and tarot card readers. Iolite attunes to past-life periods with Cathars, Knights Templar and Arthurian Legends. It helps one to bring forth the life purpose and lessons of those lifetimes. It opens the third eye, helps one to understand and release causes of addictions and to overcome co-dependency. It is a shamanic stone that helps one face fears and explore the wounds of the past so that be healed and released. Iolite calms and focuses the mind and assists one in living from a place of higher consciousness. It is a stone of twilight, the unknown and astral travelling. Iolite is said to reduce fatty deposits in the body, mitigate the effects of alcohol, supports detox, regenerates the liver; treats malaria, fevers, the pituitary, sinuses and the respiratory system. Iolite also eases migraine headaches and kills bacteria.

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