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Elephant Skin Jasper Merkaba - 12.99

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Average size: 0.5 inches

Average Weight: 7.1 oz

Source: India - Himalayan Mountains

Elephant Skin Jasper: Elephant Skin Jasper goes by many names: Mariam Stone, Mariam Jasper, Mariyam Jasper, Snake Jasper, Arabic Script Stone and Calligraphy Stone. It is a composite of million year-old marine fossils, iron and hematite. The orange and brown varieties are found in the Himalayan Mountains of India. Elephant Jasper is a grounding stone that connects to nature and brings balance, stability and psychic protection.

Elephant Skin Jasper is used for past-life recall and release of karma and trauma. It is known as a stone of clairvoyance, excellent for channeling, mediumship, akashic record work and astral travel. It is said to be especially helpful with connecting to departed loved ones. It stimulates solar plexus, third eye and crown chakras and assists automatic or channelled writing. Elephant Skin Jasper is also said to be an excellent stone for safe travel, especially over long distances for business purposes. It is a good aid for business planning and making business decisions. It helps one to remain calm and sensible in high stress situations and stay positive during difficult times. It is a stone of happy relationships and positive outcomes. Physically, Elephant Skin Jasper can help with skin and scalp problems, including scar tissue. It is also said to increase mobility.

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